Final Wall Mounted Tablet Installation

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My New Workbench

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Micro Drop Watering

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Network Setup

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Network Socket Installation













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My tablets to use for home automation

Here I talked about my tablet frames for wall mount. In this blog I would like to introduce my tablets.

Some criteria were for me very important, which tablets to take. These are:

  • Tablets without battery: Tablets with battery are getting warm when they are charged. I do not think that this is good for a tablet which is mounted into the wall. Therefore I decided to take batteryless tablets.
  • Tablets with LAN connection: My smart home installation is based completely on cables. I do not want to control my home with a tablet which is connected to my system via WLAN. Therefore the tablets need to have LAN connections.
  • Android as OS: I would like to develop my own software for controlling my smart home. Android development is based on Java. I am a Java developer. Therefore Android is the best choice.

Driven by these thouhgts I ended up to select 21.5 and 18.5 inch Xoro MegaPad Tablets. Here some pictures….

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Tablet frames for wall mount

I plan to control my home automation solution with android tablets. For this purpose I ordered two 21.5 and 18.5 inch tablets. I received today the tablet frames for wall mount. In the next blogs I will show how to mount them on the wall.

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